Round Full Cover Extension Tips

Round nails offer a natural and effortlessly chic appearance for everyday elegance

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HONA's full-cover tips system - SwiftTips, is quickly becoming a staple in every nail technician's salon, workspace or travel kit. These soft gel, extension tips are innovatively designed to offer a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional nail enhancements.

Round Full Cover Extension Tips are available in Clear and Matte in short and medium

Here's why you should make SwiftTips your new extension system:

  1. Innovative Design & Material: SwiftTips Round Tips stand out for their speed, strength and practicality, ideal for daily wear in any lifestyle. Made using a top-grade soft gel polymer, it provides exceptional durability and minimises the risk of damage during application. These tips are specifically designed to withstand the demands of heavy-handed clients, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting manicure for your clients.. They're also easy to remove with acetone and have a lifespan of 4+ weeks. The most significant feature is their flexibility, allowing them to move with your natural nails for excellent client comfort.

  2. Enhanced Sizing Options: SwiftTips has an expanded range to include many half-size options in our matte versions, making tip sizing and preparation faster and more straightforward. The most popular SwiftTip lengths come in half sizes, catering to a wider range of nail sizes and shapes. all part of HONA's mission to be as inclusive as possible.

  3. Unique Structure for Natural Finish: Each HONA SwiftTip has undergone a stringent structural design. The base end of each tip is thinner, creating a more natural finish (especially as the nails grow out) while requiring less filing during prep. Additionally, each tip has a thicker free edge for increased durability and strength. This along with the natural apex design is going to give great longevity an comfort while looking natural.

  4. User-Friendly Features: The soft gel tips are available in a matte/pre-buffed finish, streamlining the application process by eliminating the need for an e-file, and saving time and money. They are of course hypoallergenic, compatible with all SwiftTips liquids developed by Jim McConnell, and are an easy soak-off product. Personal nail tech etching options are available via using Purebond or our innovative etching tool to create a stronger attachment.

  5. Product Specifications: Each box of Round SwiftTips contains 600 tips in short and medium lengths (matte short has 750). For detailed information on sizes, quantities, and application methods, please refer to the information provided below.

SwiftTips is set to add versatility to your nail care offerings, redefining your approach to nail enhancements with its advanced design and user-friendly features.

Why choose the HONA Full Cover Extension System?

SAFER - HONA collaborated with the world's leading chemist Jim McConnell to create the incredible SwiftTip gels. What this means is that you know the product has been made to the highest standards. No toxic ingredients have been used which has greatly reduced the risk of causing yourself or a client an allergy.

STRONGER - Using state-of-the-art polymer for the full cover tips, alongside the superior ingredients found in the adhesive gels the HONA SwiftTip formula was created to be the strongest hypoallergenic brand it can be. It will give up to 4+ weeks of use while giving little to no heat spike.

SMARTER - By choosing the HONA extension system you are future-proofing you and your salon. Developing an allergy to your current gel/extension can be costly as you must rebrand. A hypoallergenic system like ours will greatly reduce the chances of you developing an allergy - future-proofing yourself.

TRANSPARENCY - HONA will not only be able to tell you the exact day your product was created but the name of the person who created it along with the exact location. This knowledge combined with the 100% transparent label means you can fact check all our claims.

What are the key features of HONA SwiftTips?

  • Soft Gel Material: Crafted from a high-quality soft gel polymer for durability.
  • High Tensile Strength: Minimizes splits or cracks, enhancing longevity.
  • Easy Removal: Conveniently removable with acetone.
  • Long-Lasting Wear: 4+ weeks of enduring beauty.
  • Natural Nail Flexibility: Flexes with natural nails for comfort and a natural look.
  • Half-Size Options: Better fit and easier preparation with many half-size options.
  • Innovative Design for Natural Finish: Natural apex, thinner base for a natural finish and thicker free edge for durability.
  • Matte/Pre-Buffed Finish: Simplifies application and gel polish adhesion
  • Hypoallergenic: Suitable for sensitive clients.
  • Developed alongside Jim McConnell
  • Etching or Purebond Options: For a stronger attachment.
  • Etching Tool Available: For those who prefer not to use an e-file.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Hypoallergenic - HEMA, HPMA & IBOA free


View the full HONA's Swift Tips measurement guide here or view this images below

Clear round short nail tipsClear round medium nail tipsMatte round short nail tipsMatte round Medium nail tips

The below tips come in boxes of 750 and are available in half-size options and the size come in 15 different sizes from #0-11

  • Matte Square Short
  • Matte Square Medium
  • Matte Coffin Short
  • Matte Coffin Medium
  • Matte Almond Short
  • Matte Stiletto Medium
  • Matte Round Short

The below tips come in boxes of 360 and are available in refill bags for 30pcs

  • Clear Square Long (0-11)
  • Clear Square XL (0-9)
  • Clear Almond Long(0-9)
  • Clear Stiletto XL(0-11)
  • Clear Coffin XL (0-11)

The below tips come in boxes of 600 and are available in refill bags for 50pcs but run sizes 0-9 ( All feature double size 5 & 6 to make up to 600pcs)

  • Clear Almond Long
  • Clear Round Short
  • Clear Round Medium
  • Matte Round Medium

All other HONA SwiftTips tips run from sizes 0-11 to give you 600pcs per box and 50pcs per refill bag.


The HONA mission is to educate, inspire and improve the talents of the modern day nail technician as well as empower the nail community through uncompromising integrity, transparency and service.