Glammed Up Alternative Tortie Tutorial

Looking to for a festive twist on your Tortie designs? One of our favourite HONA nail techs, Toni Sullivan, has you covered in our latest nail art tutorial.

Before You Start

After you've prepped the nail with your nail file and applied a coat of base coat, this is what you'll need for this design:

HONA Glammed Alternative Tortie Guide

Video Transcript

Hi guys, so today we are doing the Glammed Tortie that will need the Large Round Full Coverage Brush. And then I have got the Mask Off glitter from the After Party Collection and the Black and Tortie detail paint there. This glitter is so nice, it is the most perfect gold with that twinkle of colour. So we're going in and we're just covering the full nail there. And then we will go in and cure it for 30 seconds.

now we're going to use the Tortie Detail Paint. I mean this is my ride or die. I use this all the time for my Tortie designs, and it was just the perfect colour. So, I'm going in again with the, actually a different large round brush, because I have one that I only use for glitter because it's quite hard to get the glitter out of it. So I do recommend you have two of these. So I'm just covering the full nail there with the Tortie Detail Paint, quite a thin coat, you don't want it to be too thick at this point. And then you can add a few parts of it where you've added a bit more product to get that little bit of depth in sections, to kind of start getting that like marbley look. Tortie is very much like a ‘trust the process’ because it doesn't look right from the beginning. But once it starts coming together, it is just perfection. So we're curing that again for 30 seconds.

Now we are going to start making it really look like that tortoise-shell design. So I'm just adding a thin layer of Tortie now, and then I'm going to go in with my cleanup brush because it's a bit thinner at the tip. And then I'm going to use the Black Detail Paint and add in those kind of funky splodges, you've really got to try and let go of any OCD uniform kind of effect, because we've taught it is random. And it took me a long time to let go of that obsession of having like one here and one there and get getting it almost perfect. So yeah, you just want to kind of split your black bits around in uncured tortie. So then you get that slight bloom going on. And then once you're happy with that first layer, then pop it in the lamp for 30 seconds.

We are now at the final layer. So, I'm going in with the Tortie Detail Paint again. So I'm putting either a little bit more on my brush this time to make that surrounding area like background just a bit darker, a bit richer, and you can decide whether you want it to be a little bit more opaque and just add less or more depending on the finished look you're going for. So now I'm just adding a little bit more of the Black Detail Paint because I find just adding that little bit of black on a couple of the edges of those splodges and then you can add your little dots and just like final little pieces of detail and then pop it in the light for 30 seconds.

Now for the final step, SuperShine Topcoat. So we're just going to add this to give it that extra shine it melts all of the detail together and just gives you the most perfect finish. So I'm gonna go and cure that for a minute and then we'll be back to see the finished result.

And look at that, you have got your glammed-up tortie design, just using Black Detail Paint, Tortie Detail Paint and Mask Off from the After Party Collection. And there we have it, what an incredible look. So for this party season, add a bit of glitter to your tortie and you will feel so empowered. I hope you've enjoyed this I look forward to seeing your recreations. Bye


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