2024 Nail Trend Predictions

As we gaze into the crystal ball of beauty and fashion, HONA’s 2024 Nail Trend Predictions offer a snapshot of what’s next for our fingertips. This year, we’re seeing a harmonious blend of runway-inspired aesthetics and innovative nail artistry, forecasting trends that will not only beautify but also reflect deeper shifts in the fashion industry's dynamic spirit.

1) Embrace the mini trend on 2024

The resurgence of 'mini' trends in fashion for Spring-Summer 2024, particularly the miniskirt, minidress, and mini shorts from major fashion houses like Gucci, Miu Miu, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, is expected to have a profound impact on the nail industry. This is set to usher in an era of 'micro' nail art, reflecting a broader trend towards bold self-expression and minimalist yet impactful aesthetics.

Micro french: Inspired by the delicate and refined styles showcased at Sabato di Sarno’s debut show for Gucci, the classic French manicure is anticipated to transform into a more subtle, 'micro' variant. The thinner, more delicate tip will complement the bold mini trends, balancing fashion choices with refined beauty details.

Micro french nail art image

Micro Nail Art: Aligning with the sleek styles of Chanel's and Miu Miu's minidresses, micro nail art is expected to rise in popularity. This includes designs like micro cuffs, small geometric patterns, and minimalistic floral motifs, offering a sophisticated and cohesive look that mirrors the minimalist fashion trends.

Micro french with nail art

Emphasis on Bold Colours: Reflecting the vibrant nature of the mini trends seen in collections from Louis Vuitton and Versace, bold colours in nail art will become increasingly popular. The colours palette will evolve seasonally, from soft pastels in spring, bright neons in summer, to deeper tones in autumn, and glittery accents for the holiday season. 

2) Gradient Aura and Blush Nails

The nail world is buzzing with the gradient 'aura' nails, a style that's gone viral on social media. This trend involves a central colour that fades into a different hue at the edges, creating a psychedelic effect. Celebrities have already embraced this style, making it a must-try. Its softer variation, 'blush' nails, uses nudes and pinks for a more neutral, 'clean girl' aesthetic. It is a strightforward and salon friednly desigmn taht nail techs can charge a premium for, these styles promise to be a hit in 2024.

3) The Rise of Cottagecore Nails

In our 2023 nail trends prediction, we foresee the rise of cottagecore nail art as a dominant trend in 2024, mirroring a broader cultural shift towards simplicity and sustainability. This aesthetic, rooted in the charm of countryside living and traditional skills, will find its expression in nail designs featuring natural elements, floral patterns, and earthy tones.

Cottage core nails

Popularised through platforms like TikTok and Instagram, cottagecore nail art will offer an artistic escape from modern stressors, embracing a slower, more conscious lifestyle. It will also serve as a symbol of inclusivity, providing a creative outlet for diverse communities. Influencers and enthusiasts alike will likely adopt eco-friendly nail products, aligning with the movement's sustainable ethos. This trend is not just a fashion statement but a reflection of a growing desire for a simpler, more connected way of life, even in urban settings.

Cottage Core Flower Images

4) Minimalist Metallic Nails

In 2024, the nail art scene is poised for a glamorous evolution, drawing significant inspiration from the metallic trends spotlighted in leading fashion houses. Silver and gold metallic manicures are anticipated to be present all year round, reflecting the fusion of futuristic and baroque styles showcased by brands like Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, and Tom Ford.

Metallic hearts nail art

Image credit @beautyspace_charlotte

The luminescent silvers channel a futuristic vibe, akin to the aesthetics seen in Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren's collections, while the opulent golds, as featured in Miu Miu's everyday jacquard patterns, Stella McCartney's tribute to Paul McCartney with gold suits, and Tom Ford's bling mini dresses, add a layer of baroque luxury. This blend of silver's modernity and gold's traditional richness is predicted to be mirrored in nail art, with techniques like 'jelly layered art' emerging to create textured, 3D effects that echo the luxurious and dynamic fabrics from the runway. This convergence of fashion and beauty in 2024 signifies a move towards more elaborate and expressive personal aesthetics, blending futuristic elements with classical glamour.

Modern minimalist metal nail art

5) Lip Gloss Nails

In 2024, the 'lip gloss' manicure is poised to become a key trend, mirroring the 'clean girl' makeup aesthetic and complementing the minimalist fashion styles dominating Spring-Summer 2024 Fashion Week. Characterised by its natural, ultra-glossy finish with details like micro art or micro french tips, this nail style epitomises health and refined grooming, syncing perfectly with the clean lines and polished simplicity of the fashion scene.

Metallic lip gloss mani

This trend aligns with the classic, understated elegance seen in collections from Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Valentino, featuring items like striped shirts as dresses and long white shirts. These pieces, along with the avant-garde touches in Prada and Coperni's hybrid shirts, reflect the 'lip gloss' manicure's blend of chic minimalism and sophisticated flair. The trend also resonates with the shift towards minimalist white dresses, showcased by Gucci, Tory Burch, and Alaïa, reinforcing the ethos of subtle sophistication in nail aesthetics.

Clean lip gloss manicure

Complementing this trend is the revival of the 'soft square' nail shape, which offers practicality and durability without sacrificing style. This evolution from the more fragile square nails of the 00's to a more wearable shape parallels the nail trend's focus on a clean, polished look. This harmonious blend of functionality and understated elegance in nail design reflects the key themes of the 2024 fashion collections, predicting a year where simplicity and sophistication in beauty and fashion go hand in hand.

6) Coloured Glazed Donuts

The nail trend landscape is set to evolve from the 'glazed doughnut' nails, made famous by Hailey Bieber, to a more diverse and colourful interpretation. This year, expect to see a shift towards pastel hues and a variety of shimmery colours, building upon the trend's signature pearlescent finish. The updated version of glazed nails is perfect for those aiming for a look that's both subtle and sophisticated.

Glazed donut coloured manicure

As we move into the new year, the glazed nail trend is not only here to stay but is also adapting with fresh, exciting variations. The appeal of this trend will see an incorporation of glitter elements, but in a delicate way think of french tips and ombre fades. This shift indicates that the allure of sparkle will extend beyond the traditional festive season, promising a year where the charm of glazed nails continues to shine with added vibrancy and variety. Expect 2024 to be a year where this nail trend evolves, embracing more playful and dazzling interpretations.

7) Denim Blue Nails

In 2024, Denim Blue nails are anticipated to be a key trend in the nail industry, mirroring the fashion world's renewed embrace of denim. Inspired by Levi’s 150th anniversary of its iconic 501 jeans, this trend sees a range of shades from light washed blues to deep indigos, reflecting the versatility of denim.

Blue denim nails

Runway shows from Chanel, Valentino, The Attico, and Schiaparelli, showcasing elegant cuts and washed-out finishes, are directly influencing this nail colour palette. This move towards denim-inspired nails is further reinforced by British designers like David Koma and Alexander McQueen, who have reimagined classic silhouettes in denim, aligning with the trend's focus on blending traditional denim appeal with modern style. In essence, Denim Blue nails in 2024 will not just be about colour but about capturing the essence of denim's timeless yet evolving fashion statement.

Glitter blue denim nails

That's HONA's predictions! 

The 2024 nail scene is set to dazzle with a spectrum of trends that take cues from the fashion world’s biggest runways. From the 'micro' nail art trend, a minimalist yet bold echo of the mini-fashion wave from Gucci and Chanel, to the serene 'gradient aura' and 'blush' nails, we're poised to see a celebration of individuality and elegance. The pastoral tranquility of cottagecore aesthetics will bring the charm of the countryside to our nails, while metallic manicures in silver and gold will lend a touch of opulence.

The 'lip gloss' manicure is predicted to shine with its super glossy finish, complementing the sleek fashion silhouettes from Miu Miu to Valentino. Meanwhile, the practical and chic 'soft square' nail shape makes a comeback, ensuring our nails are not just stylish but durable. The evolution of the 'glazed doughnut' look is set to introduce a colourful palette and subtle shine, extending the sparkle season far beyond the holidays.

Finally, Denim Blue nails will capture the essence of timeless fashion, inspired by the legendary 501 jeans and reimagined by the likes of Chanel and Alexander McQueen. This year, nail trends will be a full-fledged expression of fashion's most celebrated trends.